A Precision Shooter’s Journal Under Pandemic Semi-Quarantine Day 2


Didn’t start with Day 1 because it was too new. Too soon… …but honestly didn’t think of starting this until day 2.

Plan on cleaning all guns at some point this week. Have a bunch of junior program guns to clean. Ugh.

To my knowledge, no one in the house has Covid-19. Entirely possible that we ALL have it, I just don’t know it.

Found out yesterday that my local range has officially closed to all organized events, leagues and matches. They are very sorry. The range IS open to individual members coming to shoot (no guests). If all the participants of a match, league or event showed up at the same time because they are members, does that then make it a match, league or event–which the range is closed to–or is it simply a mass discipline practice by coincidence?

I work from home so having to work from home is no big deal for me. My daily commute is three flights of stairs to my office. There’s usually no traffic but I’ve been encountering laundry baskets on the way up today.

Wife is a teacher, so she’s home. Not bad. Kind of like summer but without the beach sand everywhere. She’s been on a cleaning and laundry frenzy all day today. That explains the baskets on the stairs. She’s also preparing lesson plans for “remote learning” so that the nasty-creep high-school kids she teaches can pretend that summer vacation hasn’t started 3.5 months early.

The kid is home too but I don’t see her much. She skitters out of her room–keeping mostly to the shadows when possible–toward the kitchen to complain about there being nothing to eat. She eventually finds something after the open fridge hits an internal temperature of seventy-three degrees. Hunkers down in front of the tv to eat her ketchup on white and hisses if you speak to her. Disappears back into her cave shortly after that to hate us in seclusion.

I already miss shooting. Had to cancel my entry into the indoor state pistol championship today. I’m not happy. The MD is not happy. The other competitors are not happy (most of them had to cancel as well). It’s the responsible thing to do. It is, right?

Already hate the term “social distancing”. Maybe I’ll reload some ammo later. Will do some dry firing.

Homemade pizza for diner tonight. I cook. The wife cleans… usually..

All in all… could be worse.