A Precision Shooter’s Journal Under Pandemic Semi-Quarantine Day 3


Here on Day 3, I still don’t know anyone personally who has Covid-19. I DO know someone who was tested for it. It was the sibling of one of our junior pistol team athletes.Test came out negative–and thank goodness because the junior in question was in close contact with just about all the coaches (myself included) and other juniors, just last week. Had this turned out differently, wouldn’t THAT have been a fun call to make to all the parents?

All our junior pistol program members are under strict orders to shoot their air pistols 5x per week at home. So far have only received pictures of targets from four of the nine kids who have air pistols. Personally, I would enter a room of ten coughing people if it meant I could shoot air pistol at home. Just not set up for it and the wife said I almost broke a window the last time I tried. That’s a lie. I am far too accurate to miss that target. Still…

Haven’t left the house in three days other than to get the mail. While getting the mail yesterday, a neighbor across the street waved but ran back into her house when she saw me coming. Really, lady? #socialdistancing #takingcovidtoofar

Drinking a lot of coffee.

10:41am the kid finally woke up. It was three days ago that the wife said; “We’re going to treat these days like regular school days! She will be woken up by 8:00am the latest to start her “remote learning” day and do her daily chores.” Three days was all it took for that to fall apart. A week from now, I forsee blackout curtains during daylight hours and her hanging upside down from the ceiling fan until nightfall. Woe be onto those with blood in their veins when she emerges.

Drinking a lot of coffee.

Heard from our junior team FFL and sponsor today, Jack Teahan of JT Custom Guns & Collectables that gun sales are nuts right now. Even more nuts are some of the stupid questions he is getting from people nationwide. Amazing how people who know nothing about guns actually think a dealer can drop a pistol into a box and mail it to them for the right price.

Drinking…a lot… of coffee.

The wife had a box of wine delivered yesterday afternoon. And I don’t mean the 1 box = 4 bottles kind of box of wine, I mean a Goddam giant box with twelve bottles of wine enclosed. It was part of a wine-club Valentine’s Day gift I signed her up for, but somehow the six bottles they were supposed to deliver became twelve. Interesting.

I plan on leaving the house after work today and go for a walk in a nearby park with forest trails. That’ll be nice.

Just got an email from the township that all public parks are now closed due to Corona Virus.

I have to get out of this house.