A Precision Shooter’s Journal Under Pandemic Semi-Quarantine Day 4


Work has really slowed down today. The panic that many of my clients were in over the last few days has subsided and now it’s apparent what the effects of self-quarantine will really look like. I’ve gone from the phone, text messenger and email pretty much going nonstop two days ago, to about four calls and an email or two today. It’s actually a little spooky and online orders seem to be dropping off dramatically. Even from those clients who sell on Amazon. Well played, Coronavirus… well played.

Today after work I plan on making a video for some of my junior shooters who just recently started shooting .45 caliber 1911 pistols. Trapped in their homes is great incentive to learn to strip and thoroughly clean their 1911. Finally… something to look forward to.

I Realized this morning that match directors who had been sending me match bulletins for inclusion into PSM have been changing match dates due to Covid-19 woes. The problem is that they are changing the info, announcing it on social media, but neglecting to contact me about the changes so I could update the listings. Yikes. 

There’s a weird smell emanating from my daughter’s bedroom. It’s reminiscent of an odd mix of high school gym locker and a 1970’s-era gas station bathroom. I would go in to try and ascertain its origin, but I am genuinely afraid. Better this be left to my wife.

The dog has been walked more times in the past four days than in the last seven years… combined. When approached with the leash, instead of the wide-eyed, tail-wagging enthusiasm that we normally get, it’s now more of a raised eyebrow conveying; “D’hell do you want? I plan to sleep for the next six days.”

Planning a trip to the range tomorrow for a few hours. My wife and daughter may want to join me… I intend to strictly follow the rules of social distancing and not let either one of them within six-hundred yards of me while I shoot. We all have to do our part to keep healthy.

Wife brought me tequila last night so that we can both partake in evening libations. As touched as I was that she thought of me, I sense an another motive. The yellow police tape and foot traps surrounding the wine rack seem to tell a different story.

Still drinking too much coffee. Now craving Cadbury Creme eggs. Weight gain may be inevitable.