A Precision Shooter’s Journal Under Pandemic Semi-Quarantine Day 6


I did not make a journal entry yesterday. It was that kind of day. It also happened to involve my first supermarket visit since the pandemic was first called a pandemic. Some people are idiots. No paper goods to be found. No eggs. Almost no milk. You would think that there would be a run on liquor stores instead of supermarkets. Regardless, both are to remain open for the duration so why people cannot get it through their skulls that “stuff” will be available for their gluttonous mouths and rear-ends, completely escapes me.

I actually got an hour in at the range yesterday. It was 76 degrees here in NJ yesterday and despite the annoying wind in my face that kept blowing my arm around while shooting, I got some nice shots in. I promise that when i get to do so again, I’ll post some targets. Went back today again (twenty degrees colder) with some of the juniors to offload this years shipment of target backers into our range storage closet. We are now ready for matches that could be cancelled at any time.

My cat could not care less that we are smack dab in the midst of a global pandemic. When asked about it specifically, she turned around, clearly annoyed by my line of questioning, lifted her tail and displayed her very clear opinion regarding our concerns.

My daughter and wife are steadily heading toward a cage match in order to settle things once and for all. While clearly a more stressful time, they usually are not this bad in summertime when they are both home anyway. My guess is the lack of ability to hang with her friends is what’s got my daughter cranky. My wife has to start remote teaching morons come Monday, so I guess that’s more than enough to get her a little high strung. Any time now, I will go downstairs and find one of them defeated, the other triumphantly posed–fists on hips and one foot upon the crumpled remains of the other. She’ll slowly turn to me and proclaim; “You’re next.”

Still haven’t gotten around to cleaning those junior program guns. Umph.

Drank less coffee today… and could drift off to sleep at any given moment.

Still have quite a few matches listed on PSM that I have not had their dates changes. Or, at least, none that I have been informed about regarding date changes.

I need a gun-related project that is not related to cleaning. Maybe it’s time to mess with my 1911 trigger.

As of this date, 3/21/20, I still do not know anyone personally who has Corona Virus.