A Precision Shooter’s Journal Under Pandemic Semi-Quarantine Day EIGHT


On the 8th day of quarantine, my true love gave to me… jobs around the house to do while she tore through our home, scrubbing, organizing, and “spring cleaning” the kitchen/living room portions of our house. Hence the reason that I did not find the time to post APSJUPSQ for yesterday, day seven. A task that she usually undertakes once a year while I am away for the week attending nationals at Camp Perry, but not this year. Given the choice between participating in these cleaning events again and performing a self-vasectomy, I’m researching the best way to sterilize pliers and safety scissors.

NJ Gov, “I hate guns, Murphy”, closed all non-essential businesses yesterday… including shooting ranges. I must admit that while I am all for doing my part for the safety of myself and others when it comes to transmitting this virus, I must disagree with the definition of “non-essential”. After a week or two of not being able to shoot, I dread the considerable possibility of finding myself hanging by the living room curtain rods from my toes, fists banging on my chest and screeching like some demented howler monkey. Yes, I plan to dry-fire daily. Yes, I have little gun-projects planned. But that all just delays the eventual mental breakdown. Sucks.

Today is the first official day that my wife is teaching her high-school morons via “Remote Learning”. She’s a real trooper how she grabbed the bull by the horns and set up a series of videos of herself teaching the subjects and then submitted classwork/homework through Google Classroom. She, like thousands of other teachers across our nation…and even the world at this point, have had to bend like reeds in the wind to pull off this “virtual school”. Gotta hand it to them. Of course, she probably got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night in anticipation of this first day. I have been treading lightly as the day goes on.

Daughter (technically daughter #2 as #1 has already graduated college and is not in our home) has had “remote learning” for moron school for the past week already. She emerged from her room for the first time at around noon today. Noon…. I sarcastically wished her a good “after-morning” and she bared her canines at me. She then ate “breakfast” and then started schoolwork. I got nothing.

Speaking of “remote learning”, I did finish that video to my junior shooting team on cleaning a precision 1911. Believe it or not, some of them actually watched it! Want to see it? https://youtu.be/rZ6swqOenKU

Work today is quiet. Strangely silent.

Never did get that Cadbury Creme Egg.

Time for coffee.