A Precision Shooter’s Journal Under Pandemic Semi-Quarantine Day TEN

I’m bored outta my skull. Bored with work. Bored with dry firing. Bored with cleaning guns. Bored with reloading. Bored with typing and bored with eating. I KNOW we’re all thinking it… I’m the one saying it.  I want to shoot and I can’t and that really sucks. I’m not giving in to despair. I’m simply living a horrific mathematical formula: Boredom+Stress+Closed Ranges+Competitive Shooter+possible to catch the Corona Virus=Temporary Toxicity. I’m sure many of us are living the same.

The crappy weather here in NJ is certainly not helping things. Perpetual high 40’s, windy, drizzly or just outright rain. “When life hands you lemons, make... “(BANG)… (THUMP)… there, at least I got to shoot.

I’m going to Costco after work today. Never been so excited to go hunt for paper products in my life. Ever notice that everything purchased at any big-box store averages out to $10.00 each? Look at your receipt next time you go. Take your grand total and divide by the number of items purchased. Yup… told you.

Probably shouldn’t even be putting out a blog post today. I prefer to be much more upbeat than this and keep things positive. I just feel like mashing the keyboard with my fists.


Go have a match… oh, that’s right. There ARE NO MATCHES.

Stupid virus.