When PrecisionShootingMatches.com was first launched, it was to offer tools to help match directors organize, advertise and run their matches.
As time progressed it was impossible to not hear the collective unhappiness about the lack of support for both shooters and match directors from the two major existing organizations – the NRA and the CMP.  We heard from competitors that they want a sanctioning body that is responsive to the competitors–a sanctioning body that seeks consensus from their membership before making fundamental changes to our precision sports.
After much deliberation and the coming together of several prominent figures in the shooting sports who enjoyed what PSM has shown as promising opportunities for future matches, we came to believe that a new organization that will keep the sport’s legacy should be formed to put the competitors and the local match directors FIRST. With Precision Shooting Matches software support, operations will be much more affordable by being more efficient where competitors’ dollars will go farther to promote matches, secure sponsors, offer prizes, improve outreach, and grow the sport.
PrecisionShootingMatches.com is designed for, and supports the competitor at the foundation level. Our intent is to create a new association that focuses on local match directors and competitors. We plan to continue supporting those who prefer the NRA and CMP, offering support for those matches and match directors just as we do now. But it’s far time to support you, the competitors, by creating a new association that puts the competitors first.
At the time of this writing, this team is working on pulling together legal, financial and marketing resources to form a better match sanctioning organization. Our organization will offer superior support, opportunities, prize structures and rewards for involvement to competitors and match directors who want a sanctioning body and association with a focus where it should be–with its members. We are in no way looking to replace or suggest the discontinued use of the NRA or CMP as sanctioning organizations so long as they remain active. PSM will continue to offer support for them as well. We are simply offering another option solely at the choice of the match directors and competitors.
More details will follow as the plan moves forward in stages. There will likely be many questions from those interested and we will attempt to answer your inquiries quickly.
We appreciate your patience and feedback while we do this the right way.
While we will be creating a new association, we don’t have deep pockets from corporate donors. Since we only want to be responsive to our members, we are asking for contributions in order to make the non-profit 501c3 filings creating a competitor’s association. Please help us get started to offer a new better option. Just click the button below if you wish to donate.
Thank you for your support.
Officers to be announced