Match Directors with Precision Shooting Matches get the following benefits and tools:

  • Access to all the documentation and instruction you need to get sanctioning for an official match.
  • Put up as many matches as you would like, as far in advance as you would like.
  • Competitors can import match information into their online calendars.
  • Give competitors the ability to reserve their inclusion in your match, no phone calls or emails necessary.
  • Allow competitors to pay their match fees online and in advance.
  • View how many competitors have signed up for your match by logging into your account.
  • Send automated reminders to competitors who have signed up for your match.
  • Send contact emails to any or all competitors who are signed up for your match.
  • On match day, “check-in” your competitors by scanning a QR code from the competitor with any smartphone.
  • Post-match, any and all paperwork still necessary to use is available for download or link from this site.
  • Coming Soon – Enter in all scoring information for each competitor through a simple interface.
  • Coming soon – Generate all kinds of cool stats at the push of a button.
  • Coming soon – Automatically find personal records, national records, and record everything for competitors to access through their own competitor portal.
  • Automatically generate or upload all the match completion paperwork–all formatted and pre-filled with the relevant information to send to the sanctioning bodies.

All this and so much more is just the jumping off point and the never-ending growth of this site and the options that will be available to make your matches easier to set up, easier to run and a snap to wrap up.

Wondering if you should become a match director with PSM? How can you afford not to?