Competitor Profile Pages LIVE!

Imagine you’re in a wrestling match where you are both wrestlers at the same time. Endlessly twisting and flipping, trying to pin yourself to the floor and claim victory. That is what the last several weeks of working on these pages has been like. It’s been a helluva fight, there are still some areas unfinished, but I promised that before the new year of 2019 officially “dings”, we would have these Competitor Profile Pages Live.

Easy as cake

I’m going to ask you all to do two things for me. First thing – don’t freak out when you see how empty your profile pages are at the onset. Unfortunately there is no magic spell to make all your past shooting history appear on these pages. You are starting with a clean slate and as you register for and shoot matches on PSM and as your match directors enter in scoring, award badges and make updates, you will see definite, real-time updates and improvements in your profile.

Second thing – remember that things are constantly in development. Everything that you see with the words “coming soon” means that it is already developed, being tested and literally coming soon. Just be patient and work on your other aspects of improving your page by updating your “about me” sections, your pictures, classifications, etc… Many thanks for your patience.

Piece of pie

So here’s what you’re looking at. I’ll describe each section for you, starting at the top and working our way down. Feel free to open your Competitor profile page so you can follow along. Just go to the PSM website, log into your account and click on the “My Profile” link.

Name, image gallery and location – Pretty self-explanatory, no? The image gallery can be updated from your account page on the “gallery” link above your relevant information.

PSM Ranking percentage – Top-right side of your profile page shows the PSM Ranking and number of views your profile has received. This ranking percentage pulls from all the activity you perform on the PSM website and it is “built” from lots of different aspects of interaction with the site. From registering for matches, interacting with social media, inviting other competitors to register and LOTS of other interactions that I’ll keep to myself and leave for you to find and play with. The number resets quarterly and those with the highest percentages at the end of every quarter automatically get entered into a yearly drawing for prizes and honors unavailable anywhere else. So cool.

With regard to the number of views – If you do not want your Competitor profile page visible to anyone but yourself, you can select the check box “Make my profile private” at the bottom of your account page. Completely up to you, but know that profile pages do not give out any personal information whatsoever, and hiding your profile has a negative percentage on your PSM score, but if you don’t care about that and want to stay “off the grid” then you have this option.

Social media icons – These little links let you post a link to your competitor page on some of the most popular social media platforms in use today. Show off your new badges, scores, achievements, stats, or whatever floats your boat.

About Me – This is a section where you can write a little about yourself. Just whatever you might like a viewer to know. You can always add/update this information from the account page (toward the bottom).

My Classifications – A list of common classifications for pistol and rifle from the various sanctioning organizations in the world today. Update these from your account page. Have a classification that you don’t see listed? Be sure to let me know about it.

Upcoming Matches – A clickable list of all matches you are currently registered for through PSM. Never miss out on a match that your buddy is firing or check and see what you’ve got coming up soon!

Achievements – Badges, baby. All your achievements throughout your tenure as a competitive shooter should be proudly displayed for all to see! This area will encompass badges you have achieved in years past (alert your match director to activate them) such as NRA Distinguished Revolver, CMP Distinguished Pistol Shot, Distinguished Rifleman, etc… Plus, there are other badges to earn as well for LOTS of different reasons. You’ll soon be able to roll over a badge with your mouse or tap with your finger (mobile device) and see the description of a badge.

Pre-PSM Imported Scores – Remember how I asked you not to freak out? Here is where you will soon be able to import all your past scores and matches that took place before you started using PSM. Be kind to your match directors in asking for this information. A fruit basket would also be helpful in obtaining the CSV file you will need to upload your past scores to be recorded.

Competitor Statistics – Ever wonder what and when your best slow fire match was? How many classification wins you’ve got under your belt? Maybe your ranking as compared to other competitors? What about the number of times you jerked that trigger and swore nobody was watching? (maybe skip that last one). Stats, baby… it’s all in the stats. Automatically generated and recorded. Nice.

Full Match History – It’s the year 2027 and you’re telling your great grandkids about scores you shot back in 2019. You whip out your I-holo-phone model 15 and go to your competitor profile page and scroll down hundreds of matches until you find July of 2019, National Matches at Camp Perry and think “scorecard”, which promptly brings up all your scores from the match. Today, it’s pretty much the same without the thought-reading technology. Every shot value and x count from every target you shot is there for you to scrutinize, be proud of, or sob over.

Damn… now I want pie and cake

And there you have it. Competitor profile pages are live and running, ready to collect and hold your competitive shooting data forever. If you have questions, comments or whatever, feel free to post them below on this blog page or feel free to reach out to me directly. I always have “wish lists” going, so if there’s something you would like to see in the future on these pages, don’t hesitate to ask.