Competitor Statistics LIVE!

Yeah, yeah, I’ve promised them for a while now, but it’s finally true. The competitor statistics are LIVE on Precision Shooting Matches. Remember all that math we said we’d never use in High School? Well, boy-howdy, was I wrong. Here’s a breakdown…

Competitor Statistics (overview)

This section is a list of your best “matches” to date, along with the score, date achieved and a link to the actual shot values on the scorecard. Mind you that not all disciplines have the same “match names”. Sorry for the overabundance of quotations, but matches referring to courses of fire vs. matches referring to the entirety of the scorecard vs. matches referring to the entire days shooting event can be confusing for the newer shooter. Anyway. This is a cool feature.


Class Statistics

This section is your ranking in recent matches by your classification. For instance, you’re classified as Expert in a particular discipline, then among all the Experts who shot that particular match, this is how you ranked as compared to the rest of them. Also tells you the name of the match where all the magic happened, what kind of match it was, the date it happened and a link to the scorecard(s). Mucho coolio.


PSM Yearly Ranking

This stat array is similar to the classification statistics above, but instead of tracking your ranking match by match, this feature tracks your ranking by classification against all others on PSM with the same classification. So when the day comes that a million competitors are registered and shooting precision matches on PSM (and that day WILL come), you will see how you measure up among those million shooters in your class. Nice.


Best Scores By Caliber

Perhaps you’re curious about what your best scorecards look like with a particular caliber? Perhaps not. But hey, it’s there for you either way! So if you want to know your best scorecard using that .45, maybe the 9mm or that 6.5 creedmore you just built, here you go. Yeah, baby.


So Far This Year

This will be up shortly (as of this writing) telling you how many of each possible shot value you have hit this year, so far. Yes, every X, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and miss you have put up on a target, to date. I’ve looked at mine. It can be eye-opening. Sweet.


A few more odds and ends will also pop up here and there in the stats sections. Good ideas always welcome. An important fact–all this hard work and feature-rich content brought to all you competitors for free is worth absolutely nothing unless we get everyone using this website and the features it provides. This means getting match directors to sign up and take the chance to see what positive change looks like. It’s to help them learn what just a bit of easy and intuitive technology can bring to our precious precision shooting sports. Please pass the word to fellow competitors and help your match directors understand the benefits. In order to reap all these rewards, we’ve all got to be a part of it and stop waiting around. This time is now–get involved and save our sports.