Does it cost anything to be a competitor?

There is no charge to be a competitor on 


How do I sign up to be a competitor?

Simply fill out the form and boom… you’re in. You can find it here.


Is my information safe and secure?

Yes, this website is 100% safe and secure, using the latest (and pretty darn expensive) encryption technology.


Can I register for matches on this site?

Yes. So long as the match director has included the ability in the match setup for competitors to register (called “RSVP”), you can register for the match and then receive an email confirmation of your match reservation. You will also receive an email reminder of the match about three days before the match date.


Can I see my scores from a match on this website?

Yes! We have the functionality for you to see all the scores and stats available from your matches. Access this information from your competitor profile page.


On my competitor profile page, there’s something called a “PSM Score”. What is that?

The PSM score is a measure of the ways you interact with the PSM website. The score goes up little by little as you visit certain pages, register for matches, share things to social media, refer other competitors and match directors to the site, and many other interactions that are recorded. Anyone who reaches 100% wins a special prize. The PSM Score resets to zero every three months.


Can I see matches from my state only?

Absolutely. We now have the State Pages Available for your match-hunting pleasure. Don’t see any matches or ranges in your state? Have any and all Match Directors from your state Contact Us so we can get the match bulletins posted up on the site.


Some matches let me “RSVP” for a match… what is that?

Match Directors can give you the option to RSVP on any match posted on PSM. RSVP is a reservation for the match to guarantee your place and inclusion. Utilizing this option allows a MD to check you in on match day and allows them to score you using our awesome scoring system. This in turn then puts your stats and access to past scores on your competitor profile page.


My email confirmation of my match sign-up has a QR code on it. What’s this for?

The QR code on the email receipt is to scan your arrival and registration for the match. Most standard smart phone cameras can read QR codes automatically, others need a QR reader app (free). Either way, this is an easy way to “check in” at your match.


How do I become a Match Director?

Easy! Once you have registered yourself as a competitor on Precision Shooting Matches, you can then click the “Match Directors” link in the main menu above which has further instruction.


Does it cost anything to become a Match Director?

New Match Directors on PSM get 30-days free and then a small monthly fee of $2.99 to help cover the costs associated with running this website and associated expenses. If there are any months where a Match Director is not running any matches, he or she can pause their subscription to stop the recurring monthly fee.


How do I set up a match?

Once you are officially a Match Director, The “Match Director” menu item above will unlock more options for you, including being able to set-up new matches, edit or otherwise change existing matches, or pull information from completed matches.


Any questions not covered here? Contact us!