For Competitors:

Does it cost anything to be a competitor?

There is no charge to be a competitor on Any and all fees are associated with signing up for matches that are governed by the match director, the range location of the match and the governing body.

How do I sign up to be a competitor?

Simply fill out the form and boom… you’re in. You can find it here.

Is my information safe and secure?

Yes, this website is 100% safe and secure, using the latest (and pretty darn expensive) encryption technology.

Can I pay my match fees on this website when I sign up for a match?

Yes. So long as the match director has included the ability in the match settings to take payments for match fees, you can make your payments directly through this website and the funds will be automatically transferred to the match director.

Can I see my scores from a match on this website?

Yes! We will have the functionality for you to see all the stats available from your matches.

Can I see matches from my state only?

Absolutely. At the top of each match calendar, there are filters under “Narrow Your Results” where you can select your state (as long as there are matches currently scheduled for your state) as well as they type of match you want to shoot.

Some matches let me pay match fees and others let me RSVP… what’s the difference?

This will depend on the match director and how involved with collecting payments they want to get. If there is no option to pay your match fees then they can also give you the ability to RSVP, which will reserve your spot in the match, but may require payment when you arrive.

My email confirmation of my match signup has a QR code on it. What’s this for?

The QR code on the email receipt is used to scan your arrival and registration for the match. Most standard smartphone cameras can read QR codes automatically, others require a QR reader app (free). Either way, this is an easy way to “check in” at your match.

For Match Directors:

How do I become a Match Director?

Easy! Once you have registered yourself as a competitor on, you can then click the “Match Director Info” in the menu above which has further instruction and the form to be filled out for your evaluation. The average time for us to do the research and verify that you have run matches is 24-48 hours. Occasionally additional information might be required which can prolong the wait time, but we do our best to keep the wait time short.

Does it cost anything to become a Match Director?

As of right now there is no cost associated with becoming a match director. In the future a small fee may be imposed to help cover the costs associated with the research in allowing someone to become a match director, but for the time being the subscription is free.

How do I set up a match?

Once you are officially a Match Director, The “Match Director Info” menu item above will unlock additional options for you, including being able to set-up new matches, edit or otherwise modify existing matches, or pull information from completed matches.