Hello? Is This Thing On?

The award for longest running shooting-related-blog without a post goes to….me.

I swear that I’ve been meaning to write. Honest. I looked at the last draft I had written, a self-deprecating piece entitled “Those Sectional Blues“, where I recounted my disastrous performance at the Sectionals–specifically, the 2021 Sectionals. Unfortunately, a year later, I cannot finish that article because it’s completely redundant due to the fact that just a month ago (as of this writing) I shot pretty well at the 2022 sectionals. This renders my draft of a year ago completely moot at best. Ah well.

Moving forward, rumors of my demise and the demise of PSM have been greatly exaggerated. As have been the rumors (and all-out lies) that I have been removed from my head-coach position for the NJ Champion Junior Pistol Team and that apparently I was smoking pot around the juniors at last years nationals (wow… I mean, WOW). Lies and fabrications be damned, here I am, ready for another great year of shooting and coaching.

So… I can still find matches on PSM?

The Precision Shooting Matches website is up and running (obviously). Calendar functions are chugging right along and eagerly awaiting your match director posts of upcoming pistol and rifle matches. If I must be honest though, not all functions are peaches and cream. There are some little hiccups with the reporting system for completed matches and stats. Just one or two little things that need some loving attention. But hey, I’m working on it and it’s nothing that will prevent anyone from getting info about a match, signing up for a match, or running their match. It’s here, it’s great and I’m saving up some money to get it corrected as I run TWO startup businesses on top of it (Botonde.com & CrossChannelInventory.com). All things considered, a self-performed vasectomy while reading along in “Self Vasectomies For Dummies” would have been easier and less painful.  Did I give you the mental picture I was hoping for? Yeah, I did.

Enough sob story. What about shooting?

What a crop of Juniors we have shooting here in New Jersey this year! For as dismal as it was over the last two years with the onset and defeat of COVID, COVID 2–the sequel and COVID 3–The Revenge Of Omnicron, I was on the fence as to if we were going to even HAVE a junior program. But do we ever!

From “the South” we have seven juniors committed to attending nationals. Three more who are a little too new, but are committed to shooting matches all year and attending next years nationals.

From “the North” we have nine juniors also committed to nationals.

From “the far North” we also have another two committed.

Wow. I mean, wow. Feasibly, we could be attending nationals with 21 juniors. Yikes. These are all kids who have proven themselves or are in the process of proving themselves by shooting matches all over New Jersey (and beyond). It’s almost too much to wrap your head around, but at the end of the day, we have an amazing coaching staff committed to these kids and, more importantly, an amazing group of kids keeping our precision pistol shooting sports alive. After all, they’re the ones pulling the triggers.

Get those matches posted!

Going to be a helluva year for shooting. I can feel it. Get those matches posted here on PSM and let your matches be found! 1,640 registered shooters on PSM are waiting eagerly for you to give them something to register for.

Go have a mach (or at least shoot one).