Precision Shooting Matches

Our purpose in life…

My name is Richard Bogath and you probably haven’t heard of me… unless you’re involved in the world of competitive shooting.

If you ARE involved in the world of competitive shooting, you probably haven’t heard of me either, unless you’re a precision pistol shooter.

If you ARE a precision pistol shooter, you probably haven’t heard of me either, unless you’re in New Jersey.

Yep, that’s me. I knew you’ve heard of me.

Not that I haven’t had a larger audience with a little following before. I used to maintain and write the shooting blog, Jews Don’t Shoot Guns, a moot point at best, but I had some readers.

Anyhoo… This is not why you came here. You came here to one way or another, be involved with precision shooting matches–either in rifle or pistol. You want to either get started as a rank amateur, continue as a seasoned professional, or land somewhere in the vast space in between. And lucky you, you’re getting started right here on the ground floor of this website/service/ tool/whatever. Awesome.

Let me nutshell this for you. As of right now, you come to this site to look for, learn about or sign up for, local matches in pistol or rifle. Not that you have to be local, you can sign up for far away matches, nationwide, if you prefer! Whatever makes you happy, traveler! This is a place for competitors. Sign up for a free account (100% safe). Search a match by state and/or type of match. Read the info and sign up to be a part of that match. All free. Seriously.

If you’re a match director (or strive to be one) then sign up for the same free competitor account, fill out the application form for the Match Director subscription, we check you out and make sure your matches are on the up-n-up, then boom, you get to set up matches directly on this site. Use your desktop, laptop, pad or phone…it’s all good. The ability to set up matches, as of this writing, costs a paltry $2.99 per month. Go ahead…as many as you want. Three bucks.

I am constantly working to make this the best site it can be. I am adding tons of back-end ability to allow MD’s to enter scoring, generate stats, upload match info to governing bodies like the NRA, CMP, USA Shooting, etc… My promise is this, the site will never stop growing.

So go ahead. Have a match.