How Match Directors Run Matches Using PSM

Creating and running a precision shooting match is easier than ever when using PSM’s built in tools and features. Here are FIVE steps detailing how match directors run matches using PSM for precision pistol or rifle matches.

1.Post A Match

As a PSM Match Director, posting a match to the match calendar is as simple as clicking on “Match Directors” and then “Match Directors – Home” where you will find the link to “Set Up A New Match“. Here you have the opportunity to post as much or as little about your match as possible. You should remember to follow the philosophy that “more is definitely more“. You can take advantage of the opportunity to post club and sponsorship logos if you like, as well as give your competitors the opportunity to register for your match using the RSVP system. RSVP allows you to offer as many different relays or shooting times as you would like within a specific match date. Have three relays with ten ports available for each relay? Then enter in three separate RSVP’s and name them anything you would like, such as; “Relay one – 9:00am” and in the field for “capacity” you would simply enter in “10”. Save it and move onto the next RSVP until all your relays are posted.

Once you hit that “Submit Match” button at the bottom of the page then your match is up, live and ready for sign-ups. Want to see who is registered for your match? Easy! Visit “My Match Portal” and find the match in question from your list and then click “Attendees“. It will then show you who is registered for your upcoming match. Nice.

2. Run your match

When the day of your match arrives, you can start by taking attendance. You can have this as simple as a printout of your attendee list. Or you can utilize the PSM check-In system that allows you to click the “Check in” link from your attendees page, or scan the QR code that competitors can bring you from their email confirmations of the match signup. The QR code (that weird symbol that looks like a box full of lines and dots) can be scanned with the camera of any smartphone that has a cell or wifi connection. This will automatically check them in for the match. Note that the last two options here will require some sort of cellphone service or internet access.

3. Score Your Match

Whether you are the type of MD who prefers to enter in scores as they come in from the competitors or your preference remains in waiting until they have all been turned in at match completion, Precision Shooting Matches scoring apps make it super easy to accommodate either. The scoring system (accessible from “My Match Portal” and then clicking the “complete match” button) gives you the ability to score as many or as few competitors as you would like at your convenience. You can even stop mid-scorecard and come back later if need be. The final reporting is not generated until you click on the final “Export Scores” button, which will create both the exportable spreadsheet file as well as create and update the match results page on the website. Once a report has completed running, you can enter more scores and click again to update the export file and online page. ***Warning*** Please do not click the export scores button multiple times. You must wait until the process completes before clicking and running it again. Generally the report takes a few minutes to run. If multiple MD’s are all running their respective reports at the same time for large matches, this run time can increase.

4. Post Match Results

Once all your scoring has completed and your reports have been run, you can then alert your competitors of the results by clicking on the  “Email Blast” link from “My Match Portal“. Type your completion message to your competitors. Include a link to the online match results (optional) and there is a checkbox to include the scoring report as an attachment to the email (also optional). Click on the “Save Draft” button so you can check your email for errors and then click the send button.

CMP Distinguished Pistol Shot

5. Complete Sanctioning Post Activity

Once all scoring is complete, reports are generated and any predetermined scoring challenge period has ended, you are ready to send in all your completed match information to whichever sanctioning body you organized through. While the reports have all the relevant information included, future updates to the PSM website will include making these reports CMP or NRA specific, as well as fully customizable with regard to included data. All in good time. As always, if you have any specific requests, I am always willing to accomodate and add it to the to-do list, for future updates.

And there you have it. Five simple steps to running a match utilizing the tools and services available to you as a Match Director through If you have any questions or comments regarding these features, feel free to contact me.