How To: Sign up for a match on PSM

This mini post is to answer some of the repeated questions about how easy it might be to register for a match. So to keep things simple, here is a textual and visual description of how to sign up for a match on PSM.

Step 1 – Find the match you’re interested in. “Find Pistol Matches” or “Find Rifle Matches” will bring you to the match calendar. From there you can use the options on the left side to narrow down your search geographically and by specific type of shooting match.

Step 2 – Once you have found the match you are interested in, click/tap the listing on the calendar.

Step 3 – Once the match page opens up, you will see all the relevant information about that match.

Step 4 – After reading the relevant information about the match, scrolling down a little will show RSVP or TICKET information if your Match Director has decided to use those features (and I highly recommend that they do!).

In the little number box where you enter in your “1” for yourself to register, the confirmation information will open for you as seen below. If you are already logged in as a competitor, you will see your name and address already entered. If this information is incorrect then please adjust as necessary. Hit the confirm button and that’s done.

If your Match Director is offering to let you pay match fees in advance over the website, the process will be just the same as the RSVP system. The only difference is that after completing these steps, you will “checkout” and make you’re secure payment on the site to finish your match registration and payment.

Step 5 – Scrolling down a little more, you have the option to export the match information to your phone, tablet or computer by using one of the export functions.

Should you need to contact the Match Director (or whomever is the match contact person), that information is also available. Email, phone number or whatever else the MD has provided as contact information for this match.

Step 6 – Finally, at the bottom of the listing will be the location information for the range/venue where the match is being held.

And that’s it! That’s all there is to finding and signing up for a match on Precision Shooting Matches. Encourage your Match Directors to make everyone’s life easier by putting as much good information and content into the listing as possible, make good use of the RSVP or Ticketing system to make registration and accounting easier and viola! You’re off and shooting.

Go have a match!