It’s Been A Long Time

I know it’s been awhile since I have written. The pandemic has affected my business in weird ways and I am just now getting back to “normal”. While all this was going on, some of you have been lucky. You’ve gotten to continue shooting precision matches, practices and I’m sure more than a little plinking.Then again, because of the current state of ammunition availability in this country, maybe you haven’t? For the great majority of us who actually experience cold and weather in the winter months (Florida, Texas and anyone else in your east-west line of sight can just sit down), it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to shoot.

Not that we don’t try. Some indoor ranges are “open”. Severe limits on capacity thanks to COVID has restricted most of us to policies that make it difficult to even try. Yours truly’s home club currently has a two-person restriction to our indoor range, on a first-come, first-served basis. Of course, none of the state officials who placed such restrictions have any consideration for the fact that an indoor shooting range has a ventilation system that provides safety against the virus that would rival most hospital COVID wards. But I digress and what the hell do I know, anyway? (shooting instructor, trainer, coach, range safety officer, etc…)

Covid Sucks

You don’t need me to tell you that.  Guess the only reason I bring it up is because in my mind, and this very well might ONLY be my mind, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Between the multitudes of people who have had and recovered from the virus and their associated antibodies, to the now thousands getting vaccinated every day (yours truly included), it looks promising for the horizon. Looking forward Camp Perry this year.

Ammo is a BIG Problem

Of course between the riots of last summer, the election AND covid related difficulties, gun and therefore ammo procurement is at an all time high. As frustrating as it may be to get hold of a firearm, it holds no comparison to the laughable unavailability of ammunition or components to reload your ammunition. Every manufacturer is telling us the same things. Production is two years behind demand. Every grain of powder and every primer to ignite that grain of powder is being used for factory loaded ammo. They make more money on loaded ammo so it makes good business sense no matter how pissed off us reloaders get.

On a personal note, this really hits home because unless we can find some generous benefactor willing to sell us primers, and high-quality .22 ammo, we will not have enough to send our Junior Pistol Team to the nationals this year. Scary.

Whats next for PSM?

So now that I’ve expounded on everything you know already, here’s some tidbits that you don’t know yet. Ive been carefully listening to and compiling “constructive criticism” (rarely, some has been more angry than constructive) from many PSM members and match directors. Here’s what’s coming:

  • The ability to make your match signups “public” (to other registered users) so that your buddies can see what you’ve signed up for and do the same.
  • CMP reporting details will be included with every match report.
  • Scoring using PSM will be reorganized and easier/faster to accomplish by automatically selecting the next competitor and scorecard to fill in their scores.
  • A calculation error on the PSM competitor Profile Pages will be corrected.
  • League Reports will be made available.
  • Metallic divisions will be better supported.
  • The ability to add a registered user to a match, post-match date.
  • Better use of Match Tags (search terms) will make finding matches in any area faster and more accurate.
  • Better flow-through with interactive instructions for getting your match sanctioned and reporting your match to the CMP, NRA, USA Shooting, etc…
  • Some stylistic changes to make the site run faster and more efficiently.

Sounds good, right? Here’s the problem. I can’t do it all myself. It’s time for me to bring in some outside help for development and while I have the perfect team in mind to get the job done, this kind of complicated development is refined and expensive. I just cannot keep pouring money into this project. So, if anyone wants to donate a portion of their stimulus checks to a great cause that will help our sport, I ask you for a donation of whatever you can spare.

Go have a match… hopefully soon.