Match Changes and Cancellations Due To Covid-19

As we all deal with the ongoing “adjustments” to our lives in relation to the Corona Virus, it stands to reason that our planned matches and shooting events would be affected. While I have received some emails from match directors here and there about adjustments to dates of some matches, I am also seeing notices of cancellations and other changes across social media that have NOT been communicated to PSM. 

Please, if your match is listed on the Precision Shooting Matches website, send me an email using our contact form and let me know of the changes. Please include the NAME of the match as it appears on PSM, the STATE and the DATE of the match that is going to be changed. This is necessary even if you didn’t post the match on PSM yourself. If we do not update the listings as soon as the decision has been made to make a change, there will be mass confusion and a severe detriment to your match. Imagine how angry a competitor would be if they show up for a match that has been cancelled or changed. “Didn’t you see it on Facebook?” is NOT an appropriate response.

I am working diligently to get the match information updated. Any time I make a change, I will put a notice on the match page–in bold red–that the match information has been updated in some way. 99% of the changes so far have been date changes. Very few cancellations.

Thanks you for your consideration in this matter. Stay healthy and remember, don’t worry–there will always be another match.

Rich Bogath