What fees are associated with being a Match Director?

The only fees associated with being a match director is a $2.99 per month charge to help with the associated costs of running this site. New Match Director accounts also receive a 30-day free trial period.


What If I don’t hold or “direct” any matches during certain months of the year?

Simple! If you log into your MD account, you will see the option for “Subscriptions” at the top of your account page. Clicking this link will allow you to pause your account with no fees until you reactivate your account on a future date. Please note that the 30-day trial period only applies to new accounts and not reactivated accounts.


If I use the ticketing system to collect match fees before my match, how do I get paid for that?

All money collected for match fees through the ticketing system will be automatically transferred to you via PayPal, Venmo or an old-fashioned paper check at the conclusion of the match. You will have opportunities to give refunds or make adjustments as necessary. A 5% service fee adds to the cost paid by the competitor to help cover the costs of credit card processing, but the MD will receive the entire amount as set up with his or her match.


What if I don’t want to collect fees before the match. What’s this “RSVP” system you have?

It’s the best thing ever! The competitor registers for the match using our RSVP system that you have set up when entering in your match details (very simple to do). Your Match director portal on the website will let you know exactly how many have registered. When match day arrives you can “check-in” a competitor from either a printed email receipt or a “QR code” on their phone that you can scan with your smart phone (this is optional). The system will automatically update with every check-in. The best part? The RSVP system allows you to use our awesome scoring module to record the competitors scores, process the match report and automatically update their stats on their competitor pages. Nice!


I don’t like using the match set-up form. Is there any other way to set up my match?

Yes, you can send us your match information via PDF, Word, Pages, CSV or just a plain old email. In order to take advantage of this, you MUST already be a Match Director with us and include the following information: Match Name, Event Description (essentially your match bulletin), Time and Date(s) of your match, Range Name & Address, Contact Phone number and Email Address, Link To Other Website (if any-like a home-range website), RSVP Reservations Info, Ticketing Info. Feel free to email the info directly with attachments to the contact form on this site. You must allow us 24-48 hours to get this set up for you.


What if I have multiple relays for my match? How do I work those in?

This is actually pretty simple to set up as well and you have two options:
Option 1 – set up two separate matches, one for each relay and create it using either the RSVP reservation system or the Ticketing System for paying match fees (both optional).
– OR –
Option 2 – The better way. Create one match event and use the option to create additional RSVP’s or Tickets and label them for the relays you have set up. Either way is very simple to do. We are also creating videos on how to do this if you need more instruction.


I want more publicity for my matches! How do I get my range featured on this website?

Information of getting your range featured on this site can be found here.

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