Match Directors: What’s In It For Me?

There are very few competitive shooters who decide to become Match Directors. Fewer still, are the existing MD’s who embrace change and look to what the future holds. The unfortunate comedy of the situation is that these two groups interact all the time. They shoot weekly leagues together, mingle at matches and celebrate together at championships.The point beyond the irony is that precision shooting needs more matches and therefore, more match directors (yes, even precision rifle matches). So the question is, “If I become a Match Director, what’s in it for me?

This sounds familiar

I’m not going to rehash it all again. This is the third or fourth post through which I have expounded to you, all the virtues of being a Match Director and why you need to be one. The philosophy and need will be explained again in the future by some heavy hitters in precision match directing and organizing, some of whom have agreed to write some articles for this blog (stay tuned). No, this post is different. Here I am just going to remind you of the tools that this website, Precision Shooting Matches, now has live and working for you as an MD (as of this writing, of course).

I sense a list forming

Your Match Directing tools running on this site:

  1. List ALL your match information on our nationwide calendar. Create and copy/paste your Match Bulletin directly into the body of your listing. It’s SO easy and there’s even a video showing how to do this, but if it scares you regardless, just send the info to me and I’ll put it all up for you. Hows that for service?
  2. There are links to every rule, notice and form you could ever need as a match director and organizer and statistician. Need info on getting sanctioning for your matches? Yup, it’s there too in Resources For Match Directors.
  3. Set up multiple relays for your matches (if you need to) and allow your competitors to register in advance. You can then view all the competitors currently signed up for your match in one convenience place.
  4. All your competitors automatically get an email reminder about your match three days before match day. You can also send out an email at will to your entire match roster with the click of a button with special information or anything relevant you might have to communicate before the day of your match. No email addresses to remember or look up.
  5. “Check in” your competitors on match day by either scanning or collecting their match check in form and QR code. All this means is that you can scan in each competitor to check them in officially using a smart phone and a QR reader (free from any app store). Don’t know what that is or care to learn? Of course this is completely optional.
  6. Use the scoring system once you have scorecards in hand! Why wait? You can begin punching in scores through your Match Director portal as soon as you get them. the user interface is so simple and intuitive that you can even do it on your smart phone.
  7. Once all the scores are in, hit the “Export Scores” button in your portal and watch as a beautifully organized scoring report generates complete with classification winners and everything else needed for sanctioned matches.
  8. At the same time, all the relevant statistical information calculates out and gets carried through the system to the competitor pages, where it waits for the competitor to come check it out.

Life is easy now

If you are a match director or strive to be one, things have never been better or easier for you than now. And just think–you’re in on the ground floor of this when it’s all cheap as can be! The silly little $2.99 per month (after 30-days free) will be your grandfathered price provided you get involved. The price will be going up a little here and there in the future as the site grows and incorporates more expensive development, but the amount you “sign up” with is the amount you pay forever (provided you don’t cancel your account). So what are you waiting for? Become a PSM Match Director Today! (Wow, that sounded really “sales-pitchey”. Ugh.)

Go make a match (see what I did there?)