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2019 Olean Rod & Gun Club (Olean, NY) Monthly Highpower Rifle Match

September 15 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


2019 Dates: Sunday, June 9th • Sunday, July 14th • Sunday, August 11th • Sunday, September 15th

Location: Olean Rod & Gun Club                                  For Information About These Matches, Contact:

                      2023 Wayman Branch Road                       Jennifer Schmitt, Match Director

                      Olean, NY 14760                                            (716) 487-2487 (home), (716) 397-4378 (cell)

                      (716) 933-6190                                                jschmitt1452@yahoo.com

CMP / NRA Monthly Highpower Match Information

OVERVIEW: Beginning in June 2019, we will be bringing back the monthly Highpower Rifle matches to the Olean Rod & Gun Club. These matches will be sanctioned with both the CMP and NRA, as CMP Non-EIC and NRA League matches. What this means is that every month the scores fired will be submitted to CMP and at the end of the season after the September match, that the scores for the whole season will also be submitted to NRA. Sanctioning these matches with BOTH organizations is for the benefit of the competitors involved, so they may show participation and be able to obtain/maintain a Highpower Rifle Classification with both organizations. If any competitor elects to only have their scores submitted to only one organization and not the other, it is asked that they please notify the Match Director immediately so that it may be noted for that match. Irregardless of whether competitors choose to have their scores submitted to both CMP and NRA or only one, the entry fee will remain the same.

RULES: As these will be primarily CMP matches, the 2019 CMP Highpower Rifle Competitions Rules will govern. *Rapid Fire will follow CMP Rules; competitors who cannot stand for the rapids may use NRA Rules.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all competitors, ages 12 and older. Holding a CMP Competitor Number or membership in the NRA is NOT requiredPer Olean Rod & Gun Club’s request, all competitors must have had prior experience in either attending a CMP Highpower Rifle Small Arms Firing School, firing in a prior CMP/NRA/PRS Rifle Match or have prior Military Service, so that everyone can confirm they have received official training and experience regarding Highpower Rifle firearm handling and safety procedures. CMP requires that everyone who competes in a CMP Sanctioned Match MUST complete a signed and notarized Affidavit prior to firing. Please print the affidavit from this link (http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/Affidavit.pdf), have it notarized and bring it with you to the match. Only 1 of these forms is required per shooter per year, so once you complete and turn this in, you will not need to complete another one for the remainder of the 2019 Olean Highpower Matches!  

ENTRIESEntries will be made online on the Precision Shooting Matches website no later than 11:30pm the night before the match. To register, visit https://precisionshootingmatches.com/ and setup a FREE competitor profile. After completing the profile, using the calendar, you can click on each monthly match using the dates above and register. Be sure to hit the “RSVP” button to reserve a spot on the line. Fees will be collected at the match. If you cannot make a match you RSVP’d for, please contact the Match Director ASAP!

ENTRIES LIMITED: Entries are limited to 20 competitors (maximum 5 competitors per relay, 4 relays max).

FEES: Adults (21+) $35.00

              Juniors (12-20) $25.00

             *Fees may be paid via cash, check or money order the day of the match.

TIME OF FIRING: Firing will commence at 9:00am

COURSE OF FIRE: We will be firing the 50-shot CMP Highpower Rifle National Match Course including sighting shots prior to the first stage:

  • 5 Sighting shots, Slow Fire, Prone Position, Time Limit of 5 minutes @ 200 yards
  • 10 shots, Slow Fire, Standing Position, Time Limit of 10 minutes @ 200 yards
  • 10 shots, Rapid Fire, Standing to Sitting or Kneeling Position, Time Limit of 60 seconds @ 200 yards
  • 10 shots, Rapid Fire, Standing to Prone Position, Time Limit of 70 seconds @ 300 yards
  • 20 shots, Slow Fire, Prone Position, Time Limit of 20 minutes @ 300 yards (600yd to 300yd reduced)

Since we cannot yet utilize the 600 yard line, these monthly matches will be CMP Non-EIC matches, meaning no Distinguished points will be awarded. However, these matches will provide good practice to those especially who want to up their Highpower game or will be competing in the National Matches, where Distinguished points will be available. It is our plan that next year we will be able to partner with New York Precision, Inc. to provide electronic targets at the 600 yard line and thus be able to offer EIC point matches here!   

RELAYS: There will be 4 relays max run, in order to make the day move as expediently as possible. While 2 relays will be on the line (with one firing, the other acting as scorer), the other 2 relays will be in the pits providing target scoring service. There will be 3 pit changes to accommodate all firing. The firing order will be as follows:

MATCH START: Relays 1 & 2 report to the Line, Relays 3 & 4 report to the 200 yard Pits 

  • Relay 1 fires Sighters, then Standing; Relay 2 scores
  • Relay 2 fires Sighters, then Standing; Relay 1 scores
  • Relay 1 fires Rapid Sitting; Relay 2 scores
  • Relay 2 fires Rapid Sitting; Relay 1 scores
  • PIT CHANGE – Relays 1 & 2 report to the 200 yard Pits, Relays 3 & 4 report to the Line
  • Relay 3 fires Sighters, then Standing; Relay 4 scores
  • Relay 4 fires Sighters, then Standing; Relay 3 scores
  • Relay 3 fires Rapid Sitting; Relay 4 scores
  • Relay 4 fires Rapid Sitting; Relay 3 scores
  • PIT CHANGE – Relays 3 & 4 remain on the Line, Relays 1 & 2 move to the 300 yard Pits
  • Relay 3 fires Rapid Prone; Relay 4 scores
  • Relay 4 fires Rapid Prone; Relay 3 scores
  • Relay 3 fires Slow Prone; Relay 4 scores
  • Relay 4 fires Slow Prone; Relay 3 scores
  • PIT CHANGE – Relays 1 & 2 report to the Line, Relays 3 & 4 report to the 300 yard Pits
  • Relay 1 fires Rapid Prone; Relay 2 scores
  • Relay 2 fires Rapid Prone; Relay 1 scores
  • Relay 1 fires Slow Prone; Relay 2 scores
  • Relay 2 fires Slow Prone; Relay 1 scores

MATCH COMPLETE: Line made safe and clear, Pits unsealed, Awards presented on the Line

RIFLE: Two types of rifle classes will be accepted, Alternative Service Rifle and Match Rifle. Due to the NYS SAFE Act, NY compliant rifles MUST be used UNLESS you either a)Have registered the firearm with the NYS Police and can provide proof of such, or b)Qualify for the Law Enforcement exemption. Due to this, NYS Compliant rifles fall under the CMP Alternative Service Rifle or Match Rifle Categories. For the specifics regarding the differences, please read CMP Highpower Rifle Rule 4.1 found on pages 33-39 of the CMP 2019 Highpower Rifle Rule Book. A copy of the rules can be found on the CMP website here: http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/HighpowerRifleRules.pdf?vers=041019. Optics are allowed up to 4.5x but watch, on an AR that is legal for the Alternative Service Rifle category, but on an M1A or M1 Garand, an optic will put you in the Match Rifle category. Please limit rifles to no smaller then .223 cal and no larger then .30 cal. Also, for use in the rapid fire stages, single-loading rifles are not permitted; you must be at least a 5 shot repeater capable of loading at least 5 shots via magazine, stripper clip or loading into a mag well. If you have any questions regarding what rifles are able to be used, please ask the Match Director prior to the day of the match!

TARGET: CMP/NRA Official Targets will be used. The full-face SR target (X, 10, 9 with the 13” aiming black) will be used along with the SR-C repair centers for the Sighters, Slow Fire Standing and Rapid Fire Sitting Stages at 200 yards; the full-face SR target with SR-3C repair center (X, 10, 9, 8 with the 19” aiming black) will be used for the Rapid Fire Prone Stage at 300 yards; the MR-63 target (X, 10, 9, 8, 7 with the 17 7/8” aiming black) will be used for the Slow Fire Prone Stage at 600 yards reduced to 300 yards. All firing will take place at 200 and 300 yards.

SQUADDINGAll matches will be squadded. Squadding will be done when all entries have been received. Squadding information will be announced on the range. A competitor who fails to present himself at the proper firing point when his relay is called may lose his right to compete in that event. Please contact the Match Director for any special squadding requests (ex. To be squadded with someone, etc.).

CLASSIFICATION: The CMP Highpower Rifle Classification system will be used. If a competitor does not have a CMP Highpower Classification but has an NRA Highpower Classification, the NRA Classification will be used as a Temporary until the competitor receives their Assigned CMP Classification. Once an Assigned CMP Classification is given, the competitor may elect to use the CMP Class OR a current NRA Class instead, if the NRA Class is HIGHER than the CMP Class but not LOWER. Anyone who does not have either a CMP or NRA Classification will compete as an Unclassified Master in their first match.  

AWARDS: Awards will be presented at the completion of the match on the Firing Line. Awards will be presented per the CMP Awards Categories as follows:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Civilian Overall
  • 1st Place Senior
  • 1st Place Junior
  • 1st Place Active Military
  • 1st Place Woman
  • 1st Place Law Enforcement

Directions to the Olean Rod & Gun Club

If you’re coming from the west, your GPS unit might suggest you take Indiana Avenue through to Wayman Branch Road. WE DON’T RECOMMEND THAT ROUTE. The upper end of Indiana is a seasonal limited-access road that’s rough in the best weather. Instead, take East Riverside Drive to where it merges into East River Road. Go 2.5 miles, then turn right on Steam Valley Road. Go 1.4 miles on Steam Valley to Wayman Branch Road and turn right. Take Wayman Branch for 1.3 miles and you’ll see the club building on the left.
Or if you’re approaching from the east, take Route 417 east from Olean almost into the village of Portville. The distance is about 4 miles, depending on where you pick up Route 417. As you start to get into the village, you will see a Steam Valley road sign where the road travels over a bridge across the Allegheny River. After you cross the bridge, turn right at the T-intersection immediately across the bridge. Travel about 1 mile on Steam Valley Road until you reach Wayman Branch Road, which goes off to your left. (There is a sign for the Rod and Gun Club.) Turn left onto Wayman Branch, then travel about 1.3 miles. You will see the club building on your left.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jennifer Schmitt

 (716) 487-2487 (home)

(716) 397-4378 (cell)



Tickets are not available as this match has passed.


September 15
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Jennifer Schmitt
(716) 397-4378


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High Power Rifle
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Olean Rod and Gun Club
2023 Wayman Branch Rd.
Olean, NY 14760 United States
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(716) 933-6190
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