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July 3 - July 6


This is the first leg of the Ohio Triple Crown match! Cardinal – Canton – Camp Perry

3 July – 6 July 2022
LOCATION: The tournament will be held at the Cardinal Shooting Center, which is located at 616 State Hwy 61 Marengo, Ohio 43334.


Sunday, 3 July, no earlier than 10:00am the range will be open for practice
Monday, 4 July, no earlier than 9:00am – .22 900, CF 900, Team matches (if there is enough Teams) Tuesday, 5 July, no earlier than 9:00am – .45 900, SP 900, Team matches (if there is enough Teams) Wednesday, 6 July, no earlier than 9:00am – All EIC matches (NMC courses until complete), Free Pistol to follow.

Rules: Current CMP Pistol rules will govern this match. Triggers may be checked at any time during the match. A set of approved trigger weights will be available for competitors to check firearms prior to the match. Triggers may be weighed for the .22 EIC, SP EIC and Service Revolver. Match winners and apparent leg point winners will have their triggers weighed following the match.

Jacketed ammunition requirement during the SP 900 portion of the match will be suspended due to ammunition availability issues. Competitors will/must conform to the prescribed CMP ammunition rules for ALL OTHER SERVICE AND EIC matches.

Eligibility for The Ohio State Pistol Championship: You DO NOT need to be an Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association member to shoot this match. However, there is a $35 discount to the 3600 match fee if you become a member at the match. ORPA yearly memberships are normally $30.
You MUST be an Ohio resident to be named The Ohio State Champion.

Eligibility for all EIC Matches: Current CMP rules will apply to these matches.
Junior Shooter Eligibility: Current CMP rules will govern the eligibility of all Junior class competitors.

CLASSIFICATION: The CMP classification system will be used for this match. If you DO NOT have a CMP classification at the time of the match, please use your highest NRA classification. If you are unclassified in both, please enter in the UNCLASSIFIED category.

AWARDS: Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class per 900, the 2700 aggregate and the 3600 aggregate. Other Special Category and additional awards are TBA.

ENTRIES LIMITED: Entries are limited to 200 competitors. Competitors are encouraged to register at precisionshootingmatches.com as soon as possible to ensure a spot on the firing line.

ENTRY FEES: Entry fee for the 3600 match is $155. There is a $35 discount if you sign up for an ORPA yearly membership at the match. A yearly membership is normally $30. Entry fee for the 2700 only is $115. Juniors are $20 for the 3600(or the 2700agg if that’s all they want to shoot). All EIC’s are $15 if you shoot the 2700 or 3600. If you shoot only the EIC’s the entry fee is $20 per match. Free Pistol is $25. Practice Day fee is $5.

Food: Lunch will be provided by our on-site restaurant ( is near the main entrance to the complex) as part of your entry fee. There will be ample signage leading you to the range and the restaurant. The menu and delivery of lunch is TBD as of the writing of this bulletin. As the COVID-19 guidelines progress, we will post any significant changes on the Cardinal web site (thecardinalcenter.com), or The Cardinal Pistol and Rifle Range Facebook page.


Sunday 3 July: 10:00-2:00 Range will be open for practice. Stat office will be open for registration.

Monday 4 July: 8:00am Stat office will be open for registration 9:00am (no earlier than) 1st Relay to shoot the .22 900. Immediately following 1ST Relay to shoot the CF 900. Immediately following 2ND Relay to shoot the .22 900. Immediately following 2ND Relay will be Team Matches (TBA)

Tuesday 5 July: 9:00am (no earlier than) 1st Relay to shoot the .45 900. Immediately following 1ST Relay to shoot the SP 900. Immediately following 2ND Relay to shoot the .45 900. Immediately following 2ND Relay to shoot SP 900. Immediately following 2nd Relay will be Team Matches (TBA)

Wednesday 6 July: 9:00am (no earlier than) Un-squatted NMC’s will be run for ALL EIC’s until everyone has had a chance to shoot their desired matches. Free Pistol will be held immediately following the EIC matches.

If there are no Teams signed up, or there is room with Teams present, we can shoot EICs after each day if time permits.

Awards presentation will be held approximately 2 hours after shooting has stopped if time permits.

DIRECTIONS: The Cardinal Shooting Center is located just off I-71 at exit 140. You will be able to see the shotgun portion of the complex from either off ramp. Turn into the complex at the entrance and follow the signs for the pistol range. If going by GPS from another avenue of approach, use the intersection of Township Roads 225 and 218 Marengo OH 43334.

CONTACT AND MATCH INFORMATION: Jim Henderson- cell 419-560-6030 Email- hendo.cardinalcenter@yahoo.com

This is the first leg of the Ohio Triple Crown match! More information can be found on the Cardinal Pistol and Rifle Facebook page.

*** To Register, Click HERE for the registration PDF (print out then mail or scan and email).***


Some of the Triple Crown match awards are listed below (subject to change);
  • Accuracy X will pay $3000 to the winner, if the same person is the overall winner of all three matches. Those matches are the Cardinal 4Gun Showdown (2700 portion), the Canton-McKinley Regional 2700 portion and the 2700 portion of the CMP National Matches.
  • Pardini will pay the following:
    The high shooter of the .22 900’s aggregate – case of Eley and Pardini trophy
  • If the same winner of all three .22 900’s – $1000
  • The high shooter of the 1800’s aggregate – case of Eley and $300
  • If the same shooter wins all three .22 and CF 900’s – choice of Pardini .22 or .32 pistol Reichter Precision is donating $1000 cash.

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Jim Henderson
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