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The National Triple Crown Challenge – Precision Pistol Nationals – OH

June 30 - July 11

The National Triple Crown Challenge

Sponsored by Accuracy X

The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association Triple Crown is a paper match aggregate derived from the top three 2700 matches in the state of Ohio!

The first match is the second annual Cardinal 4 Gun Showdown that starts June 30th – July 1st.

This match is located at the new Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio.  Over the past two years under two time National Pistol Champion Jim Henderson’s management, Cardinal has built several new pistol ranges and plans for the largest pistol facility in the United States. Currently Cardinal has 100 covered pistol firing points with concrete walkways.  

The second match is the time honored Frank J. Bickar Memorial Regional, July 3rd – July 5th.

This match has been held at the Canton Mckinley Rifle and Pistol Club for decades. 
Competitors have been coming to this match for as long as most can remember. The camaraderie during shooting events and delicious dinners make this match a must for competitors. Canton-McKinley, with its 86 firing points, has been the mainstay of precision pistol shooting and plans to continue. 

The third match, the newest and soon to be the largest 2700 match, and the final leg of the Triple Crown will be the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s “Match Gun” 2700, running July 7th through July 11th. 

This three plus day match at the historic ranges of Camp Perry, will follow the traditions of the past and add a few new opportunities for competitors. Starting  July 12th is the historic service Pistol Presidents 100, the NTI, NTT and the CMP pistol Games and industry day.  The CMP has stepped up, listened, and has given the competitors what they have asked for. 

In the spirit of rewarding excellence in the precision pistol sports, Accuracy X will pay out a $3,000 cash prize to the competitor who can win high overall and sweep all three legs of the new Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association Triple Crown Championship. Win the Cardinal Shooting Center Regional pistol match, Canton-McKinley Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc Regional pistol match and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Pistol National Championship matches all in the same year, and you will win a cool $3,000 from Accuracy X. Winning all three of those matches in a row is a real, but doable challenge. Accuracy X looks forward to rewarding the competitor who can pull it off.

Current Sponsors: Accuracy X, Pardini USA, ORPA, Canton/McKinley Rifle and Pistol club, Cardinal Shooting Center, Civilian Marksmanship Program

Match Fees:  $100.00 fee covers all three matches ($33.33 each match) all due at Cardinal before shooting the first match. This entry fee is separate from the entry fees paid to shoot the matches at the three separate venues. There will be a special sponsor award presented if someone wins all three of the above 2700’s in the same year. A Triple Crown Aggregate Awards schedule will be paid out each year even if someone does win all three matches. 

All stats will be tracked at Cardinal. 

Awards: $3000.00 to the overall top shooter of all three matches.

  • Aggregate winners: (as of February 2020)
    • High Master(other than the Triple Crown winner)-$1,000
    • Master-$500
    • Expert-$500
    • Sharpshooter-$500
    • Marksman-$500

More information to follow…

Match officials

Jim Henderson
Jeff Byham


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Precision Pistol


The Cardinal Shooting Center
Marengo, OH 43334 United States + Google Map