I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that all Match Directors can agree that the match is the fun part. It’s all the stuff before and after that, in my belief, that turn people off from becoming an MD.

But what if we can start to simplify things? The RSVP system was created to do just that. Every range has limitations on the number of firing positions available. Those matches that fill up fast or that have large turnouts had better be super organized to make sure that competitors don’t show up without a shooting position. So how does the RSVP system fix that?

Five simple words… “Competitors should register in advance.”

The match setup on PrecisionShootingMatches.com allows the MD to give out tons of great information about their matches and require shooters to “register below” in order to reserve and guarantee their spot.

*Important to note – Yes! You CAN link your match page on this website to your Facebook page, your website, Instagram or anywhere you would like to bring competitors from in order to sign up for your match.

RSVP is the reservations system that allows you to book your match in advance and more importantly, limit the number of reservations you can “sell” for your match. Remember– this is not the system that takes payment in advance for match fees, thats the ticketing system and is completely different (but the two can work together).

You can enter the capacity of how many “reservations” you want to take for this match (I usually make them all available). Got 20 ports available? Then set the limit at 20 and only twenty competitors will be able to register first come, first served. You also have the opportunity to enter in more “advanced” info if you want to add additional information about the RSVP. You can also set the system to begin offering and end offering reservations on certain dates and times, enter in specific details about the match or the reservation, etc…

Once match day arrives, all the MD needs to do is open up the PSM website on a smart phone or tablet and log into their MD account. When a competitor arrives they will have either a printed copy of their RSVP reservation or the actual email on their smartphone. Using your smartphone or tablet, the MD scans the QR code image from either confirmation and the competitor will automatically be “checked-in” for the match so long as they have registered in advance. Simple.

PSM’s RSVP system is an easy to use and helpful tool for match directors that will not only make setting up and running your matches easier, but also become an easy and stress-free way to check in for the competitors as well.

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