New Match Reminder Function

Just a quick little post here about a new match reminder function here on Precision Shooting Matches that will take some of the “ugh” out of reminding competitors about upcoming matches and being reminded of upcoming matches.

I’m shooting a match tomorrow?

Don’t you hate that? You sign up for a match three months in advance and it totally slips your mind as the date rolls around and you notice it in the calendar of your phone? Well, no more worries about that because now your match director can set automatic reminders out as many days as he/she sees fit to remind you that you are scheduled to shoot a match on so-and-so date/time. Nice.

Uh oh, I forgot to tell them…

So you’ve set up a match that you’re running on so-and-so date and you’ve just realized that you forgot to mention that all competitors must wear silly hats at this match. So what do you do? Scroll through endless lists of competitor email addresses in your address book/email app or the coffee-stained legal pad you’ve been using to track sign-ups? Heck no! You just log into your MD account here on PSM and click on the “My Match Portal” link and with the click of a button, send an email reminder to all competitors who are signed up for your match with your notification. Simple. Awesome. Delicious.

Lots more “goodies” like this one currently in the works and getting ready for testing so that your busy schedules are made easier when it comes to managing your matches both as a Match Director and as a Competitor.

Go have a match.