Proud To Be A Triple Crown Aggregate Match Sponsor

Precision Shooting Matches is officially a sponsor of the Triple Crown Aggregate Match taking place in July 2020, in and around the National Matches.

Bold risks require bold rewards. And why should it be any different for a massive precision pistol match? We are not talking about just any match. The Ohio Triple Crown–The three “C’s”: Cardinal, Canton, Camp Perry. The idea came from the mind of Cardinal and CMP Pistol director Jim Henderson and ORPA. Sponsors who lept at the opportunity before me are Steve Huff of Accuracy X and Vladimir Chichkov of Pardini USA.

Three massive 2700 matches with impressive opportunities and equally impressive rewards. As the developer of Precision Shooting Matches, it only made sense to be supportive of this national event. As a Triple-Crown Challenge Sponsor PSM get’s to stand side by side with such distinguished businesses as Accuracy X,  Pardini USA and we’re all sure there will be others.

In addition to the minimum payout guarantee for classification winners, Pardini generously put up prizes and additional funding for awards at the matches. Visit the ORPA Facebook page for additional information on current prize availability. This event represents a breath of new life into our sport and I am proud that Precision Shooting Matches gets to be a part of it.

See you on the firing line.

Go have a match.