PSM Scoring Module is LIVE!

After much anticipation and tons of work, the Precision Shooting Matches scoring module is live and running!

Here’s what that means for you:


Competitors are now encouraged to register for matches on the site using the calendar RSVP system. Registering for matches this way will have your Competitor subscription automatically associated with the match/league/class. You’ll receive an email confirmation including a QR code to bring to the match. Doing so allows your MD to easily check you in by scanning the code with a cell phone or tablet with a camera. You’ll also get an email reminder a few days before the match.

Once the match has ended, your Match Director will quickly and easily enter in your scoring. The system will calculate all your aggregates and the data will be submitted to the sanctioning organizations by the MD. Once the stats module is ready (coming VERY soon), you’ll be able to enter into your Competitor Portal page and view all your scoring, stats, personal records and other “goodies” that we have planned for you. Awesome.

FYI — It is my intent and ultimate design that these recorded scores and stats be held forever. Currently stored securely, off-site (in the USA) with DOUBLE redundant backups and I am working on a deal to keep the stats “alive” in perpetuity. This means, if all works out, that no matter what happens to me or the website in the future, the information will be available for your great, great  grandkids to view 200 years from now. At least, that’s the plan.

Match Directors

A great system is now available to Match Directors allowing you to select your match and list of registered competitors from your Match Portal and then enter in the individual shot values onto a virtual scorecard faster than typing the scores on a spreadsheet. The system then performs all the calculations for aggregates and stores all the information for your use in the future. You will then be able to use the new Score Reporting and stats module to use in sending info to sanctioning organizations and the competitor portals (coming soon).

The system is now set up so that you can “play” with the scoring system if you go to any of your matches that you have setup in the PSM system. Be sure that you have registration enabled (RSVP) and register for your own match. Once done, you can enter into your Match Director Portal and click the “Complete Match” button next to the match you have registered for and follow the prompts to bring up the virtual scorecard and have fun with it (you will be able to delete these at will).

I will be creating a video demonstration of how this works shortly. As always, if you have any questions, comments or special requests, feel free to leave them below or contact me directly.

Go have a match… and score it.