PSM Turkey Match

I’ll spare you the old bloggers trick of using up a week’s post about what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving and the onset of the crazy shopping season–all tuned to music that we can only stomach for a very limited time and only at a certain time of year. Instead I want you to help me create a new holiday tradition starting next year, and I want you to call it the “PSM Turkey Match“.

Now you might be saying to yourself; “Dude, lots of people run matches this time of year and think they’re so clever by calling it a Turkey Match“. And for the most part, you would be correct, but this one is different. This Turkey match, starting next year (Thanksgiving week, 2019), will be the first, officially posted sanctioned match by Precision Shooting Matches. What this means is that we will be the sanctioning body to officiate, record and reward the precision matches. Match fees collected for this event get donated to a charity, pre-selected by your Match Director and group of competitors.

Here are the conditions:

  1. The match must be posted on Precision Shooting Matches at least 3 months before Thanksgiving and contain the words “Turkey Match” somewhere within the title (don’t worry…the match reminder will remind them).
  2. The match must take place within ten days before Thanksgiving day, 2019.
  3. There must be at least seven competitors shooting the precision match (pistol or rifle).
  4. There will be a $3.00 sanctioning fee per competitor, all of which gets donated to one or more pre-selected charities.
  5. Each competitor must give one unopened, Thanksgiving-related food item to be collected and donated to a local food bank, homeless shelter or local Veterans charity who offers a Thanksgiving dinner. (Match directors and/or volunteers must collect and deliver the donation).
  6. We ask that any prizes offered by the individual match, according to your club rules or traditions, be donated along with the match sanctioning fees, but this is completely up to the participants.
  7. 100% of all money collected for these matches are donated to the charity selected. A list of carefully researched charity options will be provided along with official rules and regulations for the match (including Match bulletin) just after the new year, 2019.

Get your Match Directors involved!

Events like these can only happen if Match Directors are willing to get involved. In order to offer sanctioning opportunities (reflected by GREAT awards, opportunities to take part in virtual sectionals, national matches and SO much more) then we need your match directors to climb out of the dark ages and set up here on PSM. MD’s have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. New competitors, match calendar, ease of setup, ease of scoring, ease of match completion and not to mention all the benefits that will also come to competitors. We just need your Match directors to come on board.

I’ve heard that some are hesitant because they fear computers or that some want to remain “off the grid”, well there is nothing to fear with PSM! I’ve got two MD’s already who have told me that they don’t “do” computers other than email–and so we’ve arranged to receive all their match info by email and set it up for them. We can even get them registered by phone. As for remaining “off the grid”, no information ever retained by PSM is shared, traded or sold to anyone or any organization. You will not start getting spam or unwanted emails. No problem!

As I’ve mentioned before, I created and built this site along with paid and volunteer help in order to have something for YOU, the Competitor and Match Director, in order to bring precision rifle and pistol matches to a point where they are taken seriously and not looked at as some antiquated, dying trickle of a nosebleed, irritating people at the NRA and CMP by even existing. And on that note, just a little FYI–I’ve reached out to both these organizations with offers to help them make the most out of PSM and how they receive and process match info. There is HUGE potential there as well.

You know you want to

Okay, I’m gonna do it. I want to give thanks for my family, my wife and kids, great friends, all active and retired military, law enforcement and especially to all of you–fellow precision competitive shooters and match directors–without whom this website would not have become the success that it is, hundreds of competitors becoming thousands. Thanks to all of you.

Next year… all of you… Turkey Matches.

Now go have a turkey… I mean a match.