Send Me Your Match Bulletins–No Strings Attached

Precision Shooting Matches has a lot to offer both the precision shooting competitor as well as the precision shooting match director. We know this, as I’ve been telling you about it for years. With over eight hundred registered competitors, and more signing on every day, it is a focal point for match opportunities. Unfortunately we still have the great majority of match directors out there running matches the old fashioned way: paper and pen, custom build spreadsheets, etc… While it will always be my hope to attract more and more MD’s to PSM, I have accepted the fact that no matter what tools I offer, there will always be those MD’s who just want to stick with what they are used to. It’s been working for them for years and they see no reason to make a change. I get that and I respect it. Honest. Despite this, I say to all of you; Send me your match bulletins–no strings attached.


Yes, even if you are not willing to become an official PSM match director. Even if you do not hold a free competitor account on PSM. I want you to send me your match bulletins anyway. True, you will not have access to all the tools that PSM offers, nor can competitors sign up for your matches through the PSM website, but I will include all the contact info you send in the bulletin so that any competitor that locates your match on the PSM calendar can contact you and sign up for your match.

The point and purpose of PSM is to promote our beloved precision shooting sports. Be it pistol, rifle, air and any sub-discipline associated with any precision shooting type match, there should be a central and easy place to find it all. I find myself rubbing my temples in frustration every time someone on Facebook asks if there is a match in their area or that some MD’s feel the need to announce their match on FB, hoping to attract shooters. Now, send me your cold, tired, unwashed matches and I will put them up and promote them for you.

How to send match info

It’s very easy to send me your match info. Just visit the PSM “Contact Us” page and fill it out, then paste your match details into the “message” field. Not sure how to copy/paste something? A little computer challenged? Then just use the same form to contact me and tell me you would like to email the bulletin to me the old fashioned way. I will respond and you can attach your bulletin. The more specific details included with your bulletin, the better chance you will have attracting shooters.

Easy, right? Let’s keep the precision sports growing. Especially now that the CMP is stepping up to challenge the NRA’s long-standing hold on precision pistol competitions (you rifle shooters have had your pick for a long time now). The precision shooting match director should not be afraid of change, but I certainly understand the hesitation. One step at a time. Let PSM help.

Go have a match.