Signup As A Competitor? What’s In It For Me?

I have put a lot of tout into the fact that a Match Director’s life will be so much easier when using this site. How setup, running and post-match activities become streamlined and easy. 

But what’s in it for a competitor? Sure, you get to sign up and use the site for free to locate and register for matches nationwide, but who cares, right? You were doing that anyway before you ever heard of Precision Shooting Matches.

Your kids will be nicer to you. (No, they won’t).

So here is a list of benefits that you can look forward to when using PSM as a competitor:

  • Ability to easily search out competitions, far and wide, as specific or as general in nature as you would care to look for.
  • Register for competitions in advance without the need to email, call or send a carrier pigeon, guaranteeing your spot in the match.
  • Pay match fees in advance using credit card or PayPal.
  • Check in at your match using a printed QR code from your email confirmation or directly from your smartphone.
  • Export match information to your calendar.
  • Receive automated reminders about your upcoming matches.
  • Your account page will feature all your completed matches, scores (every shot value), personal records, team scores, and a host of other stats and all social media capable (these features coming soon).

It’s all about you, isn’t it?

It’s important to remember that as a precision shooter, we often forget what match directors and stats officers have to go through every time we deicide we want to shoot a match. The amount of work that goes into a single shooting match, pre-match, match day and post-match, can be easily overlooked by those who don’t share in those responsibilities. So for all the value that a website such as this can have for you as a competitor, the ease of use and streamlining of function will encourage more match directors to come forward and run more matches. Of all the benefits, this one is probably the most valuable for the competitor.

But stats are pretty freakin cool too, right?

Go have a match.