So What’s New? Scoring System Changes

I have always endeavored to try and find a balance within the realm of “happy functionality” when it came to this website. I would say that 80% of everything you see when visiting or using the site has been put in place because of requests or feedback from users like you. Whether you are a registered competitor, match director or just play one on TV, I receive a seemingly endless barrage of requests or suggestions for ongoing development.

Such As?

Sometimes the requests make perfect sense (like the one that is the point of this post) and others not so much (sponsorship for shooting team cheerleaders), but ALL are appreciated and carefully considered. Some requests represent massive changes, requiring a hundred-plus hours of expensive development (like the competitor cellphone scoring app we are working on) to changes of a more humble nature (you misspelled “Creedmoor”). The scoring system change that just launched was smack in the middle of that complexity range.

So,  What Changed?

After using my own scoring system for a solid year and going back and forth with my development team to make little changes here and there, it occurred to me that the system was cumbersome. Clicking on a competitor, selecting a type of scorecard, selecting the actual scorecard, selecting the caliber, entering in the scores, saving and then selecting the next competitor was pretty much the process. It worked well and if you were running a small match or league then it was no big deal. Problem was, not everyone runs a small match and those that run large matches let me know it and pulled no punches when telling me that the system is good, but click heavy and slow.

So……. What Changed?

When Match Directors get to their match portals and begin the process by opening up their rosters, they will see a new button:

This new button; “Apply Scorecards To Roster” will allow you to pre-assign all the necessary scorecards for an entire match to each competitor as far in advance as you might like. Be it days before the match begins or right before you’re ready to start entering scores, here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Select A Card Type

Select the card type from the dropdown list. In this case, I will select “Precision Pistol – Outdoor”.

Step 2 – Select Competitors And Scorecard

Here you can see that by first selecting the first type of scorecard you want to apply to this match from the dropdown, then selecting from the dropdown of calibers, you can then click the checkboxes next to each competitor that is shooting that scorecard and caliber in the match. I will select for this demo, “CMP 900 .22-Match Outdoor” and the caliber “.22”. Since all the competitors on this roster have shot or will shoot this match, I’ll click the “select all” checkbox. Then I will click “Add Card To Competitors”.

So you now see that the selections I have made for the scorecard have now been applied to all the competitors.

You can now see in the above screenshot, that  all the necessary scorecards have been applied to the competitors. Take special note that the first two competitors chose to add misery to their lives by shooting .38 caliber for the Centerfire match and then both shot the Distinguished Revolver match after the 2700 match. There is no limit to how many cards can be applied to a competitor for scoring.

Step 3 – Score ‘Em

At the bottom of this page you will see a red “Save Cards” button that will bring you back to the main roster page. From here you simply click “View / Manage” under the “Scorecards” column to begin scoring.

You’ll notice that for this competitor, all the scorecards applicable to this match are in place and ready to be scored. You still have the option to delete a scorecard if needed (any scorecard with no shot values entered can be deleted), “manage” will allow you to enter shot values and select whether or not a scorecard will be included in the grand aggregate for the match (in the above example, I would change the Distinguished Revolver card to “No”). Of course, if you forgot to add a scorecard or there was a last minute change for this competitor, you still have the option on the bottom to generate any scorecard for this competitor that you may need to. You can also change the caliber used for a match on the individual scorecard as well.

Pretty Cool, Right?

Pretty cool, right?

Since the system is very new, and I have looked at it and played with it 14,637 times, I can no longer “see” it. That’s where our army of MD’s come in. Use it and tell me what you think (AFTER you use it, please) and what does it need?

Go have a match. Embrace the technology. I’ll wrangle the cheerleaders.